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Here is a list of books that we recommend you to read.  These have been inspirational to us. It has opened our eyes on many things.

(Title) - (Author)
Rethinking The Wineskin - Frank Viola
The Normal Chirstian Life - Watchman Nee
Authentic Relationships - Wayne & Clay Jacobsen
The Tithing Dilemma - Ernest L. Martin
Should The Church Teach Tithing? - Russell Earl Kelly, Ph.D.
--to see additional books from this author:
Simply Church - Tony & Felicity Dale
Knowing Christ Together - Frank Viola
If You Want To Walk On Water, You've Got To Get Out Of The Boat - John Ortberg
Pagan Christianity - Frank Viola

10 Lies The Church Tells Women - J. Lee Grady
Couldn't We Kill'em and Tell God They Died? - Cathy Lechner
(Overcoming difficult relationships with your family and friends)
I'm Trying To Sit At His Feet, But Who's Going To Cook Dinner? - Cathy Lechner
(Discover how the Holy Spirit can set you free and release joy within you)
I'm Tired of Crying, It's Time To Laugh Again! - Cathy Lechner
(Finding extravagant joy in the midst of everyday life)
You've Got To Be Kidding, I Thought This Was The Great Tribulation!  - Cathy Lechner
(Finding strength when life disappoints you)
I Hope God's Promises Come To Pass Before My Body Parts Go South! - Cathy Lechner
(For every woman who's waiting for God's promises to be fulfilled in her life)
If I'm God's Handiwork, Would Someone Please Explain These Thighs! - Cathy Lechner
(Discovering your unique destiny)

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